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Unlike in other escape rooms, the goal of this room is not to escape it. The game ends in one of two cases:

1. One of the teams reaches 70 points

2. In the end of the game (60 or 70 minutes), the team with more points wins the game


* At some point along the game, you will have a decision to make, if you want the battle to last 60 or 70 minutes. Each decision has its consequences, so make sure to fully consider it as a team! 


How to earn points:

* The room has 10 attack codes, each one of them consists of exactly 6 digits.

* In the center of the room you have a console. When you find an attack code, you must enter it into the console and press the "ENTER" button. It is important to input the code, in order for the game to progress.

* At this point you have an attack code, but no points yet


How to accumulate points:

* The console has an "ATTACK" button

* If you accumulated attack codes in the console, you have the ability to attack the second group

* Of course, you can wait and collect more codes, in order to attack with more than one attack code

* The more attack codes you accumulate, the stronger the attack will be

* When a team is attacked, they are alerted about it, and a timer of 2 minute starts.

* During the 2 minutes, the attacked team needs to decide if they want to defend themselves. If so, you press the "DEFENCE" button and get a defence puzzle, that they will have to solve during the time remaining of the 2 minutes.

* The solution of the defence puzzle will give a 6 digit code that the team will need to enter in the console.

* Solving the defence puzzle will reduce the amount of points that the attacking group will receive.

* At any point in the game, you don't know with how many points you were attacked, and you don't know how many points the other team has.

* Notice - you only have 3 defence puzzles. Every time you choose to defend, the puzzle you'll receive will only be valid to that specific attack.

* If the two minutes have ended and you couldn't solve the puzzle, you will not be able to use it for the next attacks.

* Therefore, choose wisely when to use the defences.

* During an attack on one of the teams, the consoles are frozen, and they can not be used in order to enter attack codes, or in order to attack. The only thing that is possible to do is two enter a defence code (by the defending group).


Clues and helps:

* Along the game you can ask as many questions about the format as you'll need.

* Regarding helps and clues - you can ask for as many as you'ld like, but notice that for every help, the opponent team will receive 3 points.


In the room you have a control panel:

* The time left for the game

* The amount of points that you have

* Attack timer - if you attack, it goes down from 2 minutes

* Defence timer - if you are attacked, it goes down from 2 minutes

Rules of the game

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