In what languages is the game available?
Most of the game doesn't require any specific language. The only exceptions are one puzzle, and the intro. Both can be adapted to other languages.

Do I need an internet connection in order to play?
For the network - yes, as detailed in our requirements page. That being said, the software is designed in a way that will withstand temporary network issues during global games (the game will resume when the network does) / complete network disconnections (the game will continue, though against a bot).

What ages is the game made for?
Every age! We also have a version of the room especially for kids, so also the youngsters will be able to fall in love with the world of escape rooms!

What is the perfect team size?
After many groups going through the room, we found that even 6-7 people are all kept busy all along the room. Groups of 4-5 people are probably the perfect team size, but the amount of experience the team has is of course an important variable.

Are there more games planned?
One of the core features of the room is its ability to contain 5 different games in the same room, that the Game Master can switch between with a push of a button. These games will be created and published once in a few months. More information about that is in the website's main page!

Can I secure a region exclusively?
If you're a part of the White Noise Network - of course! When we will discuss the purchasing, we'll define the exclusivity radius together.

Where can I find additional reviews of the room?
They are in Hebrew, but Google Translate will do the trick. Notice that nearly all reviews are 10 stars!

I have a space with smaller proportions than the ones you required. Can the room be adapted?
Unfortunately, no. Since all of the global rooms are produced in the same factory, we can not alter them.

Can I buy the room as a stand alone and later join the White Noise Network?
Yes, you can. It's important to remind you, though, that joining the network grants advantages from the first moment that you join it. More about that can be found here: _

How long does the process take, from the moment I purchase the room?
From the moment in which you purchase the room, we guarantee 2-8 weeks for the production of the room in the factory, + the time required for shipping it. Installing the room using our people will take up to 7-14 days.

What are the payment terms?
After signing the agreement: 50% is prepayment, 50% after the work is completed

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